About Us

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable communities. It is an auxiliary to government as mandated through the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society Act of Parliament No 30 of 1981 also known as Chapter 17.08. It has branches throughout the country and is part of the global Red Cross movement present in 189 countries. Orphans and Vulnerable Children, the elderly, the chronically ill, the HIV infected and affected, the elderly and widowed and the generally disadvantaged members of the community make up our beneficiary list. As a disaster relief organisation, the ZRCS is also a member of the civil protection unit (CPU) and it responds to both natural and manmade disasters.

Secretary General's Statement

2018 is coming to an end and the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) together with other humanitarian players is grappling with a number of humanitarian challenges among them the recent cholera outbreak that has seen lives lost and many people hospitalised. Amidst all these challenges, we remain steadfast in our auxiliary role to government and we believe all hope is not lost.

As part of its ongoing development work, the ZRCS values disaster risk reduction and management and we call on various stakeholders and humanitarian players to continue championing programmes that help save lives and alleviate human suffering.

There is never enough resources to deal with competing humanitarian needs and we are grateful to our partners, volunteers and staff for their continued support and dedication to the work that we do. The Red Cross is there to serve and we will continue engaging various stakeholders and government as we reach out to all corners of Zimbabwe.