img 0869Red Cross Nurse Aides Graduate

By Takemore Mazuruse

Graduating Nurse Aides Recite the Red Cross Creed ; a vow to provide humanitarian service and alleviate suffering wherever it is found and however it is caused

A total of 48 Red Cross Nurse Aides have graduated from the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society’s Nursing Services unit. The graduants; 45 females and 2 males had undergone a 3 month training coupled with attachment in leading private and government hospitals and other referral medical centres in Harare. Some of these hospitals include St Annes Hospital, Harare Hospital and KGV1 to name a few.


Red Cross Nurse Aides play a key role in contributing to the country’s health sector. During their attachment and upon completion of their training, they complement other health professionals in providing nursing care to patients. They have also been instrumental in the organisation’s disaster management and emergency response activities for example during the 2008 Cholera outbreak and the 2011-2012 Typhoid outbreaks. As guided by the Red Cross movement’s voluntary ideals which are imparted in them during training, they readily offer themselves to the services of the vulnerable groups in a complementary role to government and other humanitarian players’ efforts.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Nurse Aides, the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society’s Health and Care Coordinator Mrs Janet Muteiwa said First Aid and Nurse Aid training programme is one of the National Society’s key contributions to the welfare and health of ordinary Zimbabweans. “While it is heartening to note that our health delivery system is on a recovery path, it is equally important to concede the harm that the harsh economic conditions that bedevilled our country caused to this important sector of our economy. A nation’s success is in a big way determined by the health of its people and in order to mitigate the impact of such challenges as the ones our country faced, it requires innovative and community based solutions so that we are able to build a stronger and resilient community, able to deal with humanitarian challenges”, she said

In highlighting the importance of home-grown and community based solutions to the health problems of Zimbabweans, Mrs Muteiwa said the training of Red Cross Nurse Aides and First aiders was a deliberate humanitarian attempt to improve the coping mechanisms of the nation. “As a tried and tested humanitarian player, the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society’s training programs are also consistent and nationwide. Our courses are customer-tested and standardised with a solid base of practised instructors to deliver them. Whether you need training in Harare, Gokwe or Dete, you’ll receive the same high quality training through a network of Zimbabwe Red Cross branches across the country. Our courses are also developed by experts and the training materials are developed in collaboration with leading educational and medical authorities. Red Cross first aid courses incorporate the latest science for first aid and bring you a wealth of educational innovations,” she said.

Zimbabwe Red Cross Society offers First Aid and Nurse Aide Training at all its centres across Zimbabwe as a way of improving the knowledge base on disaster management and community based health and care programmes. The organisation issues nationally-recognised certificates to its graduates upon completion of training. Mines, Schools and other Corporates rely on the organisation for First Aid Training and to enhance safety in the workplace standards.