Zimbabwe Red Cross Society to enhance its Financial Management

By Takemore Mazuruse

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society is on a drive to enhance its Financial Management following a successful workshop courtesy of Norwegian Red Cross. The workshop which was held from the 20th to the 22nd of June 2011 at the ZRCS National Training Centre in Westwood Harare was facilitated by Samuel Asamoah from Norwegian Red Cross and Offorbuike Nwobodo the International Federation of the Red Cross, IFCRC’s Head of Delegation in Zimbabwe. The Financial Management workshop covered key issues namely Organisational Development, Financial Management and Accountability, Corruption, Governance, Sustainability and Resource Mobilisation, Internal and External Auditing, Working Advance – document presentation; Terms of Reference and Volunteerism. All the topics covered are relevant in the progression of the National Society’s vision and mission.


The workshop was described as a relevant exercise towards improving the welfare and effectiveness of the National Society. In his closing remarks to the workshop, ZRCS National Vice President Mr Mandlamakhulu Moyo said the workshop was consistent with the ideals of the National Society. “Zimbabwe Red Cross Society may have in a place a vision to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable but as long as we don’t have the requisite skills and knowledge to deliver, our efforts will always come to naught. It is equally true that the strength of an organisation is a big way determined by the way it manages and utilises its finances hence the relevance of this Financial Management workshop,” he said.

Mr Moyo highlighted that Zimbabwe Red Cross Society is fortunate to have partners in the mould of Norwegian Red Cross. “Meaningful partnership for me is one that leaves the implementing partner equally empowered to effectively run its own affairs. I therefore wish to salute Norwegian Red Cross for proving to be the ideal partner. True friendship is one that endeavours to build on your strengths and help do away with your weakness as compared to gloating over them. Norwegian Red Cross’s humanitarian acumen as exhibited through this well thought out workshop must set a model and precedence which must be emulated by all our partners” the Deputy National President said to applause from workshop participants.  

The delegate make up to the workshop also reflected on the desire to reinvigorate and rededicate the relevant structures of the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society. The Board, management and implementing officers who made the participants list are all consistent with the overall management of the work of the National Society. The strength of the workshop was that though it was held over a 3 day period, it was rich in depth and actually equalled what one may require a period extending over one year or even a lifetime to comprehend. It was aptly short yet rich in content.

Judging by the presentations made and the practical examples and experience sharing which participants were taken through, the Red Cross governing council, management and programme officers are now financial technocrats, not necessarily by qualification but by way of knowledge retained and positions assumed during this workshop.

Workshop participants were challenged to take the Financial Management and National Society Sustainability drive to their respective provinces and districts to avoid having pockets of success in a bag of failure. They were urged to nationalise the initiative and make it a big success so that the National Society’s fortunes change for the better.

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society’s Secretary General Mrs Emma Kundishora expressed gratitude to Norwegian Red Cross and the International Federation for this invaluable contribution. “Through this workshop, I believe Zimbabwe Red Cross Society will be even more sustainable and empowered to effectively manage its finances for the good of humanity. I call on all of us to start working towards the sustainability of the National Society and improving our financial management now”. The Secretary General highlighted that the workshop had helped entrench the ideals which they had always rallied their Zimbabwe Red Cross Society officials across the board to adhere to.